OnePlus 5T: Enjoy NightScape by OnePlus

Google‘s brand new Night Sight low-light photography feature is amazing. Smartphone cameras have been upping their game over the past few years, all big companies seeming to put all their money and time into improving the quality of pictures taken by their flagship phones. But when it comes to taking pictures at night, it’s hard to find a solution. Or, better said, it was hard.

Now, Pixel’s Night Sight mode turns night into day. Other companies want to keep up with the trend and came up with their own software enhancement modes for low light photography.

One such mode is NightScape by OnePlus. This was previously only available on OnePlus 6 and 6T, but now you can have it on your 5T model too.

If that’s something that sounds rather interesting, I can only invite you to keep on reading. It might be just what you need:

Discover the new NightScape mode

This is clearly OnePlus’ iteration of the Google NightSight mode. Now, you must have heard a lot of good things about the NightSight mode from Google. Similarly, OnePlus NightScape mode tries to improve the photos you take in dark or low-lighting conditions. Just as Google’s NightSight, NightScape mode also adjusts the ISO and Shutter speed while taking pictures to capture more light in the image. This way, the images from NightScape mode look much brighter even in night-light or low-light.

Rumor has it that OnePlus intends to release an official update to its camera app which will bring the NightScape mode to older OnePlus devices, but this obviously takes time. For now, you can simply download the APK file and install it on your OnePlus 5T device. Isn’t it easier this way?

OK, enough talk. You know what you are getting and I know that you want such a mode. In order to download OnePlus Camera v3.0.0 on your OnePlus 5 device, you need to grab the .apk file right away: OnePlus Camera.

Install it as any other apk and try it out. Then, be sure to leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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