Turn your Photos into Money with Snapwire

Smartphone cameras have come a long way. From taking selfies with friends to capturing photos of the food from your favorite restaurant, they are a part of our life now. Amateur photographers and professional photographers alike also have a range of different options to gain something out of th ir hobby. Yes, you can turn your photos into money with Snapwire and here I am to tell you more.

Snapwire gives you the chance to gain some dollars out of your passion. Whether you are a pro photographer or just a newbie, I can assure you that there is a huge market for selling photos.

However, with this app, there is something that you need to know from the start. It focuses on quality images. That means it might seem first a bit more attractive for semi-to professional photographers. Anyway, I think that the app has enough elements to keep it interesting for amateur users too.

Two ways to achieve your goal

There are two ways to earn some money with this app. One is to sell your stock photos to the market. Or you could choose to join the challenges and request for specific photos and a chance to get nominated and win prizes. You get to keep 50% from portfolio and marketplace sales. And trust me when I say that they pay a lot better than other similar apps or sites.

The ability to earn is either via Challenges or Requests, but before you can respond to the more lucrative brand requests, you’ll have to prove your skills and ‘level-up’ your account.

Snapwire has incorporated gamification into the app to push you to click better photos. As you continue to add photos and make money, your level will increase. And as you level up, you can even receive direct requests from brands interested in your high-quality portfolio.

In terms of fees, it works out pretty well for photographers too, with you getting to keep 70% of Request and Challenge earnings, and 50% of any items sold through the marketplace or your individual profile.

Why wait?

Snapwire is a great way to turn your photos into dollars you can spend on buying better equipment for your next photos. Or simply buy some gifts for your loved ones. And since 2019 is here, a few extra dollars cannot hurt!

Grab Snapwire – Sell Your Photos right away.

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