Activate Incognito Mode on Moto Z2 Play

You probably already know that Android has a special privacy or incognito mode built into the stock browser. After all, there is no secret that privacy is increasingly becoming a concern for everyone, with so many high-profile cases of leaks and hacks remaining top news headlines for days.

And while it may appear as if it only affects personal computers, you’d be surprised at how often very serious security issues pop up on mobile operating systems like Android too.

In such conditions, I bet that you wondered more than once what to do in order to activate Incognito Mode on your Moto Z2 Play too. Good for you! Let me remind you the fact that this is a special mode where your data is not remembered by the application once you close it.

So, let’s say that sometimes you have to browse the internet on Chrome for Android without your search queries or viewing history being saved; that’s where incognito mode comes in and no sneaky child or friend will know what you are doing.

How to Activate Incognito Mode on your Moto Z2 Play:

  1. At first, you have to power on your Motorola Moto Z2 Play smartphone;
  2. Now, head on into the Chrome browser;
  3. Then, you just need to tap on the 3-dot icon;
  4. Tap on “New incognito tab”. At that point, a new black screen will show to confirm that you have activated the Incognito mode.
  5. When you close the window, you can be sure that any sort of record of the pages you viewed or those files you downloaded will be deleted from Chrome. So, there’s one thing left for me to say: happy private browsing on your Motorola Moto Z2 Play device!

And if it happens to require further assistance or any further information regarding the steps here detailed, please let me know about your situation. You may use the comments area or the contact form too, so do not hesitate to take a pick and be sure that I will do my very best to help you!

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