Top 5 Cloud Storage Apps for Android

Do you want to carry around your entire music playlist, the videos from all your vacations and the photos (and we have a feeling that they are quite a few as well) all at the same time on your Android phone? You probably know that most of the Android devices from the current market let the users expand their device’s memory with the help of an external SD Card, but this is not always the best solution.

If your phone gets damaged, then your precious data stored in the external SD Card will remain there, but we cannot say the very same thing about the scenario when your handset device gets lost, or stolen. In such a case, you’d have to forget all about your data and we know that this is not what you want. So, what do you say about ‘Cloud Storage’?

This is a form of portable technology, so it makes it possible for you to upload and save your data on an online source. In such a case, it really doesn’t matter what happens to your Android device, but will always have the possibility to recover the data stored in the Cloud. Are you confused about which cloud storage app should you choose? That is why we have decided to present you the best 5 Cloud Storage Apps for Android.

Best Cloud Storage Apps for Android:

5. SugarSync

Out top five start with SugarSync as long as it is the easiest way to access, search, and share documents, photos, videos and music. This app gives you the possibility to share large files and folders using public links and send them via email, Facebook, Twitter, or SMS, to upload multiple files at once and stream music, while you can use other apps on your Android device. This is ideal for personal use and for a business as well, but sadly, its biggest disadvantage is that it only offer 5GB of free cloud storage.

We also have other options:
60 GB: $75/year
100 GB: $100/year
250 GB: $250/year
1 TB: $550/year (1-3 users)

You can download SugarSync from the Google Play Store by using this direct link.

4. OneDrive

If you are a Windows user and an Android user too, you then OneDrive could be ideal storage application for you. You should know from the start that it lets you download any file regardless its type, not to mention that you can backup photos, videos, documents and more to your cloud storage, or use those impressive backup tools, like the ability to roll back to a previously saved version of a file at any time.

OneDrive is made specifically for Windows devices, you won’t have to download any additional software on your Windows PC or mobile.

Pricing options:
Only 7 GB: Free
50 GB: $25/year
100 GB: $50/year
200 GB: $100/year
1 TB: $2.50 per user/month

Take OneDrive from here.

3. Google Drive

The third place belongs to Google Drive which is so popular thanks to is its integration with Google’s Office apps. The Google Drive app itself can also open a wide variety of file types, including videos, images, PDFs and not only, which can be really useful if you don’t have the right software installed to view a particular file type on your Android phone or tablet. Google Drive also allows the viewers to like, or comment on the file they want and another major advantage is that it lets you keep things very organized by giving you the possibility to create folders.

And while most of the cloud storage applications require an internet connection, Google Drive lets its users to view the saved documents offline. Is this what you want? Then, you should take in consideration the pricing options too:

15 GB: Free
100 GB: $1.99/month
1 TB: $9.99/month
10 TB (and up): $99.99 monthly

Take it from here.

2. Box

Here we have another proficient Cloud storage solution that won’t disappoint you. Box is well known for providing users a complete control of their data which they can access through their Android phones, not to mention that they can choose to share their data with their contacts. All they have to do is to send a download link which could be the ideal solution when they need to send a document that’s too large to attach to an email. And the option to save files for offline viewing is more than useful when an Internet connection isn’t available. However, there is a problem with this app: it doesn’t sync your data with your other devices automatically.

Pricing options:
10 GB: Free
100 GB: $5/month
Unlimited: $15 monthly (per user, requires three users)

Take it by using this link.

1. Dropbox

Are you surprised by our choice? We really don’t think so! Previously, we had Dropbox only for PC’s, but now with the Android application, this is your chance to make your wish come true. With Dropbox you can simultaneously store and view documents, pictures, and videos on your PC as well as on your Android device. All you have to do is to download and install Dropbox on your Android device and you will enjoy a range of benefits.

For example, if you want add a photo to Dropbox, enter into the gallery, and tap the Share icon next to the image that you want to save. Click on the ‘Dropbox’ option and that’s all! Your image will be saved on the cloud storage, and even on your computer. If you need to access a document on the go, just launch the app on your Android smartphone or tablet to view all the files you’ve stored in the cloud. The app also choose to you designate individual files as your “favorites” to cache them for offline viewing, share the pictures/videos or any other documents with your friends and family, not to mention that you can even protect your files in secure folders (this is ideal especially for business subscribers).

If you love Dropbox, then we know that you must be curious about the pricing options:
2 GB: Free
100 GB: $9.99/month
200 GB: $19.99/month
500 GB: $49.99/month

Unlimited business plan: $15/month (five user minimum)

Take it from here.

All these Cloud storage solutions are the best storage options that are out there, but the decision is still all yours. If you feel like being on the free account suits your needs the best, then we guess you need to pick the one that provides that biggest storage capacity for free.

However, if you want to have a backup of your files/photos/videos not only on the cloud storage, but also somewhere safe on your computer, then we are sure that Dropbox is the application that can truly satisfy your needs!

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