How to Copy And Paste on your Note 8

Some owners of Samsung Galaxy Note 8 have complained of not knowing how to Copy and Paste on your Note 8. If you are a more technical person, perhaps such a procedure seems like a joke, yet I am sure that not all of you feel the same. If you are new to the Android world or if you aren’t really used to such high-end devices, here I am to help you.

The way this feature works on your Note 8 smartphone is very similar to how they work on your Mac and PC. You can use this tool to highlight, move words or copy them from one text to another. Just follow the instructions below to understand how to use these tools on your Samsung Galaxy Note 8.

If you need to utilize the cut, copy, or paste tool on your Galaxy Note 8, then the best approach is to click and hold the content you need and follow a few simple steps. That’s the detailed procedure that I am talking about:

How to Copy And Paste on your Note 8:

  1. Find your way to the screen that contains text you would like to copy or cut;
  2. Tap and hold a word until it is highlighted;
  3. Next, just drag the bars to highlight the words you wish to cut or copy;
  4. Select the Cut or Copy option. Note that these options will look different depending on which app you’re using;
  5. Navigate to the area you wish to paste the text, then tap and hold the box;
  6. The Paste option should appear, so you must select it, and your text is pasted;
  7. You could also select “Clipboard” if you wish to use a history of items you have cut or copied to the clipboard;
  8. Let me remind you that you can perform similar actions with images from most apps. You must tap and hold the image, navigate to where you would like to paste it, then tap and hold to select “Paste“.

This is how easy you can cut, copy and paste text or photos from your Samsung Galaxy Note 8 with the help of these steps.

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