Could Memorigi be what you are Looking for?

It’s not easy staying on top of all your to-dos, but luckily, there’s an app for each of our requirements. Today I want to tell you more about the Memorigi app – this is a simple and beautiful Todo list, Task planner, and Reminder application that can help you be organized at all times or get a grip on your busy life.

Memorigi is all about dividing your work into smaller tasks, organizing them by color, as well as setting a reminder to every one of them. When a task’s reminder goes off, you basically have to do it right then, with no excuses for a postpone. However, if you definitely can’t make it, then you simply have to snooze it, and continue with your next task at a later point.

Memorigi’s user interface is better than anticipated. I am talking about the perfect unity between the colors, the fonts and the minimal look that can all make you feel so comfortable.

Upon opening the app, you’ll see your today’s task list. Well, for the first time you do that, it will obviously be empty. The page reveals basic information like day and date, but you have to tap on the red floating action button at the bottom to add tasks to your list. Right here, you will get a popup with a slick animation where you can add your task, along with reminders, repeats, as well as a note.

Even more, Memorigi comes with a few intelligent reminders that you will most likely love. I am talking about location-aware reminders that give you the chance to create powerful reminders that will be triggered when you arrive or leave a specific place; date reminders let you can create powerful recurring patterns and not only.

And the best part is that Memorigi will keep your data always in sync across your multiple Android devices. It’ll also create daily backups of your data (automatically) so your tasks and lists are always stored in the cloud.

Memorigi: Todo List, Task Planner, and Reminder waits to be taken from here. Is it what you want? Waste no more time!

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