How to use Galaxy S8 Heart Rate Sensor as a Dedicated Shutter Button

The Galaxy Note 7’s explosive debut kept the company’s name in a dark cloud of suspicions and disappointment for months and months. However, I think that those days are gone and people love their new Samsung Galaxy S8 smartphone.

I am sure that you know that the heart rate sensor is still included, but the point is that it is actually more useful than you might even know. There is a small window on the back of the Galaxy S8 device that houses a PPG sensor. This is the standard heart rate sensor that ships on every fitness device and even though it isn’t accurate and reliable all the time, it’s still a nice addition.

Who wants to pick up a phone to check their heart rate? Well, the truth is that most people use those fitness straps that are a trend, but are you aware of the fact that you can also use Galaxy’s S8 Heart Rate Sensor as a dedicated shutter button?

The story gets pretty simple: if the front camera has detected a face, tapping on the heart rate sensor will immediately take a photo. Anyway, using the sensor in such a way has a major disadvantage – it seems that the finger smudges on the rear camera.

However, this is the very same issue as with the fingerprint sensor’s placement, so you should regularly clean the lens and the problems will be solved.

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