Customize Any Shortcut in your Launcher with Icon Swap

If there’s one thing Android is known for, it’s customizability. Even if you’re a newbie and probably a little scared of tricky procedures, who says that you cannot perform some simple customization actions such as customizing any shortcut? There are multiple ways to do that, most of which don’t require root at all and from all those apps that allow their users to swap their app icons, a great one crossed my mind.

Icon Swap is the app that you should give a try to since it allows you to customize any shortcut in your launcher, without root access. So, instead of siting and wondering what the developers were thinking when they were creating that stupid icon or what’s the deal with that useless title, you should better use Icon Swap and make things a little bit closer to normality.

While you can use this app to theme every shortcut on your home screen in launchers that don’t work with icon packs or don’t work with icon packs from the Google Play, like Samsung TouchWiz, I must warn you though that it can get time-consuming. However, something tells me that you don’t actually get scared that easily. Are you feeling up to the challenge? Here’s how to do it:

Customize Any Shortcut in your Launcher with Icon Swap:

  1. First of all, you have to take Icon Swap from the Play Store;
  2. Install it into your Android;
  3. In the app, you have to tap anywhere on the screen to choose an app for creating the shortcut;
  4. Under Shortcut Properties, you can change the shortcut title;
  5. In order to change the icon for the shortcut, tap on Browse. After selecting an image, tap on the option that says Create Shortcut and you are good to go.

For which apps did you change the icons? Do let me and other readers know in the comments section below. And in case of having any problems, you know what you have to do: just describe your issue and I will do my best to come up with a solution!

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