Get iOttie iON for your Pixel 3 Device

It’s true that it took a while until Qi charging became available on most popular phones — the Nexus 4 and 5 had it, but Google removed the feature with the Nexus 5X and 6P for the lack of adoption. I still recall those repeated reports saying that the Pixel 3 XL could have wireless charging and they proved to be right. This is a first for the Pixel line and Google embraced the new tech with a Pixel Stand accessory that can charge your device easier than ever before, while providing easy access to Google Assistant and offering other interesting features.

If you’d rather your Pixel 3 lay flat than sit propped up, iOttie makes a nice alternative to take in consideration. Google says the Pixel 3 is capable of wirelessly charging at speeds of 10 watts. The truth is that there are complicated formulas that determine how fast a phone can charge, but generally, the more wattage being used by the phone the faster it charges.

iOttie iON will not disappoint you since it outputs up to 10W. Besides that, it comes in a nice fabric styling that matches Google’s Pixel cases in a surprising way. Yes, this iOttie iON Wireless Mini Fast Charger looks better than expected, maybe even better than the simple Pixel Stand design.

It sadly doesn’t include a power brick. And the Pixel 3 works with this third-party wireless charger, but the phone can go into a special mode only while it’s charging from the Pixel Stand. While in the dock, the Pixel 3 becomes a smart alarm clock that’s designed to live overnight on your bedside table.

In the morning, the stand will adjust your Pixel 3 screen’s brightness in a way that mimics the sunrise, while at night, your Pixel 3 automatically activates Do Not Disturb mode, so that you can disconnect and get ready for bed. Even more, it displays photos from your Google Photos account, making it something like a smart picture frame.

iOttie iON cannot compete against these features and doesn’t enable any fancy docked mode, I know it, but its $29 price tag at Amazon makes it quite tempting too, right?

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