Get the new LG G3 UI and Features on LG G2 within a minute

The arrival of LG’s G3 was not such great news for existing LG G2 owners. Are you also one of them? Then, we are sure that you are dreaming of many of the features that LG G3 has along with the new UI, which is great by the way. So, in that matter we will be checking how to get the LG G3 looks (UI, features and so on) on your LG G2 by flashing a new custom ROM firmware based on LG G3 stock Android OS.

We must admit from the start that the new ROM brings the less colorful UI that we have ever seen on an LG flagship and we like that, not to mention the support for 4K video recording, Magic Focus, as well as a variety of other improvements. Some have complained about a few minor bugs, but this is something that we are used to and it doesn’t change the fact that the overall the experience is extremely stable.

But don’t worry; the ROM community has offered us a solution and you have the chance to update your own LG G2 with LG G3 Firmware. Developer OptimusRS is the one that has worked to offer us the so-called “Optimus G3 ROM” to the G2, the ROM being directly ported from the official Korean LG G3 F400K and based on the LG D802 20d firmware.

Review the risks:

  • This tutorial is dedicated to LG G2 owners that dream of a chance of tasting LG’s G3 experience, but that’s all; we want to warn you that you must not try it on any other smartphone;
  • Your handset’s warranty will be void, but don’t forget that we have here a guide that can help you restore it;
  • Keep in mind things could go wrong when installing custom ROMs or updating a handset, so proceed at your own risk; we are not responsible for your device, but you are!

Preparatory steps:

  • Create a backup of all your important data including SMS, calls, photos, videos, songs, files and so on in order to make sure that you’ll have the chance to use them after the update as well;
  • Prepare your personal computer and disable any security protection before beginning;
  • Also prepare the original USB cord of your handset;
  • Do you have the most recent custom recovery installed on your LG G2? If not, install it now or the update will fail;
  • If you want to successfully update your LG G2 with LG G3 Firmware, don’t forget that the battery should be more than 70% or there’s a high probability to brick your handset if it powers off during the update;
  • Enable USB Debugging mode in your LG G2 by entering Menu -> Settings -> Applications -> Development -> USB debugging;
  • For those that haven’t already, you’ll need to flash the KK Baseband as well, just as in the procedure from below.

Are you ready? We are, so let’s start!

How to Update your LG G3 Firmware:

  1. For the beginning, just download the LG G3 Firmware Package from here and the Baseband zip package from here to your computer;
  2. Now, it’s time to connect your LG G2 to the PC by using the original USB cord (as we have previously told you) and place the two zip files in your handset’s root folder;
  3. Enter your device in Recovery Mode; in order to do so, you have to press the Volume Down + Power button and after see the LG logo, just stop pressing the buttons and then press then again for entering the device in the recovery mode.
  4. Clear data and wipe the cache by selecting the appropriate options;
  5. After that, you must choose “install zip” and search for the firmware zip package and baseband zip package which you have previously placed in your device;
  6. Wait around 4- 5 minutes for letting the update to apply and that was all!

Use the comments section just in case if you face any issues when you update with this LG G3 custom ROM firmware in your LG G2 and don’t forget to enter the “Software Information” section from Settings to see whether the update has been indeed successful or not.

We hope that it was!


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