Migration between Custom ROMs Becomes Easier with Migrate

A new app called Migrate – custom ROM migration tool claims to ease the migration between custom ROMs. Could it be what you are looking for? If you love flashing ROMs on your Android, then this app is the perfect choice since it backs up your app data, APK files, permissions, call logs, messages, and more, just like other similar backup apps, but it also includes some unique steps to the restoration process which will majorly improve the experience of restoring all your apps and their data.

The app is available in the Google Play Store as we are speaking, but I have to warn you from the very start about the fact that Migrate is still in its beta stage, as you can easily see on the tag after its name on the Google Play Store.

This means it’s probably not quite ready yet for a stable use and you should pay attention to every single aspect while using it (if you decide to use it in the first place).

If you aren’t afraid of experimenting and you dream of getting a much more friendly experience throughout the whole switching process, then you can apply the below steps:

How to Use Migrate – custom ROM migration tool:

  1. At first, you need to grab the Migrate – custom ROM migration tool from Google Play;
  2. Do not hesitate to take a complete backup of everything that matters to you and want to keep using;
  3. Only after applying the above step you can reboot to TWRP;
  4. Now, you can actually flash your new ROM;
  5. At this point, it’s time to flash the backup zip file or files since a part of the restoration process occurs via TWRP recovery;
  6. Make sure to root your new custom ROM with Magisk;
  7. Once everything is flashed, you can boot up your new ROM;
  8. At that point, you’ll get a notification to continue the restoration process. All you have to do now is to grant root access and have patience until everything is restored into your handset.

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