Enjoy Slow Motion on your Android Device with Slow Motion Video FX

Shooting slow motion videos on your Android device is a lot of fun. Slow motion is very common in film-making as it can be used for diverse artistic effects, being ideal to capture sports activities or objects that are moving fast. As for shooting natural phenomena, such as the sunrise or sudden weather changes, be sure that there is no better option out there.

In order to take slow motion videos on your current phone or tablet, you have to enable the slow-mo video recording mode first, but what can you do if there’s no such a mode waiting to be used? You can still have a slow motion camera in your pocket with an app known as Slow Motion Video FX. I have to admit, I was a bit skeptical when I first heard of this app, but after giving it a shot, I came away thoroughly impressed.

While the slow-motion effect using the third-party apps will never be as good as the one recorded natively by a supported device, I don’t think that it’s time to be picky. Being free, with in-app purchases of course, it gives you more than you might be expecting to get.

Enjoy Slow Motion on your Android Device with Slow Motion Video FX:

  1. Grab the Slow Motion Video FX app on your device;
  2. Install and launch it;
  3. Then, the next step is to tap on the “Slow Motion FX” button;
  4. Choose whether you want to record a new video or apply slow motion effect to an already existing video;
  5. Assuming that you have selected the “Choose movie” option, once the video has been imported, the app will give you a short tutorial on how to use the app. Check it out;
  6. Note that the actual editing takes place in the timeline which is divided into two parts by a faint line. There are two dots in the middle which mark the start and the end of your effect. You may slide the dots up and down to change the speed of the video. To enable slow-motion video, make sure that both dots are below the partition line. The closer the dots are to the bottom, the slower the video will be;
  7. By following the same rules, you can also speed up videos using the same app, so in the editor, just slide the dots above the partition line and not below it.

Do you see how easy is to capture videos in slow motion using your device and this app? I told you so!

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