Record Voice Messages In Hands Free Mode on Whatsapp

Handling your Android handset while driving is one of the primary reasons for so many road mishaps all around the world. This is why the police of many countries is forbidding the use of phones while driving. I agree that everything on my phone can easily turn into a distraction in such a case and this includes music player, having a conversation or texting, but things don’t have to be this way.

Remember that there are so many special apps on Google Play that can read text messages out, so you can have your phone read text messages out aloud. Even more, only a few users are aware of the fact that you can also learn to record voice messages in Hands Free Mode on Whatsapp.

Yes, Whatsapp now gives you the chance to record voice messages in hands free mode by locking the mic. This is a pretty new feature, yet you must update the app and I can assure you of the fact that it’s there, just waiting to be used.

How to Record Voice Messages In Hands Free Mode on Whatsapp:

  1. To record a voice message in hands free mode, you must first feel free to tap the mic button;
  2. You might feel the need to hold the button down. After the update though, if you hold the button down, drag it upward, and release it, it will lock the mic;
  3. You can remove your finger from the button and continue recording your message;
  4. After finishing your message, you can see the option to send or discard the message.When you’re recording a message, you also have the option to scroll through the current chat thread. However, I must tell you the fact that there is no way to browse a different chat thread. If you switch to a different one, the audio message you’ve recorded will automatically be discarded, so be really careful about what you are doing.

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