Fix Internal Storage Not Accessible and No OS Installed on HTC One M9

Is HTC One M9 the handset of your dreams? You aren’t the only one saying that and we totally understand you. It doesn’t happen every day to have the chance to become the owners of such a beautifully design handset and with such amazing specs and features.

Well, we have heard some complains about the fact that it looks like its predecessor, but isn’t this actually a good thing? Why leaving behind such a beauty? And we also like that the rear UltraPixel camera has been swapped out for a regular 20MP shooter, not to mention that Sense 7 is a real pleasure to use.

Even more, you probably know that developers had to tweak the normal TWRP in order to get everything working, so the beta version of TWRP made specifically for your HTC One M9 gives you the possibility to take system backup and to root as well. Things are though a little more complicated that they tend to seem. To be more precise, the system had to be mounted as read-only in order to remain completely untouched, as well as available for the backup.

This is the main cause for some errors such as Internal Storage Not Accessible and No OS Installed, but don’t you imagine that we want to stay and do nothing about it. On the contrary, we have some simple guides or you, so don’t hesitate to carefully apply them exactly as given and ask for our help in case of needing it.

How to Fix Internal storage not accessible Error:

You might experience force close errors on your HTC One M9 device or maybe the internal storage could not be visible/accessible/usable and we know how annoying these things can be. Such errors tend to appear after restoring the stock system backup (of course, what which has been taken with the beta version of TWRP that we have told you about before) via fastboot. So, ensure root access on your device with the help of this tutorial and let’s start:

  1. Take a terminal app from Play Store; Terminal Emulator for Android is our suggestion, so you can take it from here;
  2. Feel free to choose any other option;
  3. Open the terminal app and provide root access when asked;
  4. Type the following command: “restorecon -FR /data/media”;
  5. Now, hit the Enter key; this command will restore the file contexts that seem lost/broken, and you’ll get your beloved internal storage back alright. That was all that you had to do!

How to Fix No OS Installed Error:

You might get this error in the TWRP recovery as long as the system is mounted as read-only, so the recovery cannot access the system. In such a case, our advice is to get your job done in recovery and then reboot; your HTC One M9 device will reboot just fine, as a sign that there was always an OS installed.

If you still face these issues you’re new to all this, don’t hesitate to tell us all about them in the comments area from below.

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