Add Qi Wireless charging to Android devices

Wireless charging is more than useful in so many cases as long as all you have to do is to depend on the microUSB cable again. Things sound great, but only in theory! We are saying that as long as there are not so many Android devices that have wireless charging abilities right out of the box.

It is true that both Samsung and LG have a few devices with optional replacement backplates that add Qi wireless charging, but if you currently use a HTC, Motorola or a Sony device, this is not your lucky day. Or it might be!

We are talking about a very special product that can be used to add Qi wireless charging to any Android smartphone and the price that you have to pay for it is not at all a high one. To be more specific, we are talking about the DigiYes microUSB Wireless Charging Receiver Module which can be found on Amazon for under $10 and that it gives you the possibility to add Qi wireless charging to any Android smartphone or other gadget with a microUSB charging port.

Are you tempted to buy one and use it too? Let us tell from the start that there are a few aspects that you must take care of before starting the procedure. To be more precise, you need a DigiYes micro USB Wireless Charging Receiver Module (don’t worry as long as you can find different models based on the orientation and location of your phone’s micro USB port), a smartphone case, as well as a Qi compatible wireless charger.

All set and ready? Then, let’s start the procedure!

How to add Qi wireless charging to your Android smartphone:

  1. Prepare your DigiYes micro USB Wireless Charging Receiver Module by simply plugging it into your phone’s micro USB ports;
  2. It’s time to wrap the receiver module around the back of the phone;
  3. After that, you must also secure it with a the included strip of double-sided tape;
  4. Place your device and the connected receiver module inside its case;
  5. Put phone on the Qi wireless charger and you’ll see how magic happens!

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