How to Solve Note 8 Heart Rate Monitor not Working

You’ve been dying to try your new Samsung Galaxy Note 8 and the heart rate monitor, but not now that you have it, it doesn’t really work as you were expecting? Be sure that this isn’t only your problem, but more and more Note 8 users are actually complaining about the very same problem. If you also think that the heart rate monitor isn’t showing the right stats, it doesn’t necessarily have to be a serious problem.

The Note 8 handset comes with a special protective film attached to the device covering the lens. This foil protects the surface of the lens on your smartphone, and a lot of people don’t notice the foil when they start using their Samsung Galaxy Note 8.

The film that I am telling you about is actually applied from the factory, straight to the lens ans you know the reason: it is there to protect it against scratches or dusting until it gets to you. Once you receive it, you have no reasons to keep it in there. It is actually doing a great job at preventing you from making the best of your new phone.

However, in such conditions, you should better try removing to see if it helps and let me be your guide once more. Here’s what you have to do:

How to Solve Note 8 Heart Rate Monitor not Working:

  1. For the start, let me tell you that you have to use scotch tape;
  2. Up next, gently put a piece of scotch tape over the heart rate sensor, over the protective foil;
  3. Then, you have to remove the tape you just laid down slowly. This should peel the film off with it;
  4. If you do this perfectly, then be sure of the fact that it should fix the issue of your heart rate monitor on your Samsung Galaxy Note 8.

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