How to Enjoy Yahoo Weather Forecasts

I always like to know in advance whether I’ll need a jacket or rain gear when I’m riding my motorcycle, if I should take an umbrella or a sun hat and I already know that an app can totally change my day. Do you also want to enjoy the best forecasts on your Android device?

For that, a beautifully designed application crossed my mind and I bet that you are no stranger to Yahoo Weather either. Let me tell you right from the start about the fact that Yahoo Weather is powered by Yahoo Weather, so its forecasts and data have the accuracy of its nationwide network of personal weather stations and you have the guarantee that there’s no chance for error.

It is also important to note that this is one of the few apps of such a kind that asks you beforehand whether you would want a notification on your status bar or not. I definitely like that I have a word to say about that too and it makes me feel in total control.

Even more, Yahoo weather provides us with the latest forecasts and updates in a very simple way, as you would expect from any other weather app. The layout for Yahoo Weather is nice if you like to check multiple locations quickly, as you scroll up and down for the data about one location, then scroll side to side to switch between locations.

And I am also sure that those of you that love photography will adore all the photos associated with the cities you choose. Yahoo’s picture service is one of a kind, so if you’re looking at certain locations like New York City or Walt Disney World, you’re likely to get a new photo every time you go into the app. However, I must warn you that if you’re in a more remote location, those pictures will be more generic, but they are definitely better than nothing and I appreciate the idea.

Download Yahoo Weather by accessing this direct link.

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