Taking Care of a Prone to Scratches Device: your very own Pixel 3

Pixel 3, Pixel 3XL and Pixel Stand launched alongside a bunch of other Google products at the Made by Google Event in NYC. You’ve most likely been quite excited, right? Those enthusiastic users out there have been testing everything on the new Pixel phones and as you can guess, they’ve met quite a few issues too. Your Pixel 3 might be amazing, but who says that you won’t ever get a bumpy ride?

With issues like low audio quality in videos, messages disappearing, Bluetooth acting out crazy, or photos not saving all the time, the Pixel 3 had a crazy start. Unfortunately, the headaches will continue with reports about severe scratches. Yes, that’s what users complain about these days too!

Prone to scratches… or not

We finally have wireless charging again on a Google device, but that means we have to deal with a glass back. Is there anything good about that or a completely bad choice from the start? The glass back is coated in a soft-touch finish, making it feel more like plastic, and has a layer of Gorilla Glass 5 for protection.

You may take good care of your Pixel 3, never take it out of its sturdy case and so on, so dealing with scratches should be out of the question. However, there have been a few users who have dealt with scratches on their review units.

It looks and feels great in your hand, but is it enough?

Whether the Pixel 3 is prone to scratches, though, is still not clear. Google declared that it intended to design the smartphone “to look and feel great in your hand” (I do agree to that!). They engineered the front and back with Gorilla Glass 5 “for strength and protection”. On the back, there’s “a special texture to make your Pixel 3 comfortable to hold, less slippery, and much less prone to fingerprints than other glass-back phones.”

This seems quite the opposite to what we are getting, so it’s better to take extra cautions. Sorry to say, it is not always convenient to have a case, but can you really risk the safety of your Pixel 3 phone?

And remember that things aren’t always what they seem. Last year, with the Pixel 2, Google had extended the warranty from the Standard 1 Year to 2 Years after users complained of the build quality. With all that’s going on, seems like Google will repeat history with the Pixel 3. Stay tuned and follow us for updates.

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