Quickly Search all your Chats on WhatsApp

WhatsApp has grown into your ideal place for texting, particularly if pictures, video clips and silly GIFs are involved. Are you now trying to find a specific message in your huge WhatsApp chat log? One of your friends might have sent you their address or you might remember talking about a great TV show, but you don’t want to scroll through all your messages to try and find what you’re looking for.

Some may tell you: Good luck with that! I tell you something else instead. This should not take ages and WhatsApp knows it too. Since there you have so much of your social life, it’s only natural to be able to search WhatsApp all your chats quickly for the message that you have in mind.

Luckily, this isn’t hard to do, and I am here to guide you through the process:

Two ways for achieving your goal

At the top of all your chats, there’s a search icon. You can type anything into the search bar, from the start of a town name if you’re looking for an address to a specific word. Doing so leads to one result. As you can imagine, all the chats with that word will appear below as specific messages.

Then, clicking on a respective result will take you to that part of the chat conversation you had. This is great if you don’t know where the message is, but it doesn’t give you much context to the results.

There’s a better search tool built in, if you know which contact’s messages you want to search. Let me guide you once more:

  1. First, open the chat you want to search;
  2. Up next, tap the three dots;
  3. You can now select Search;
  4. Feel free to enter whatever word or phrase you’re looking for. WhatsApp will then tell you how many times it appears;
  5. Easily tap the up and down arrows to move through each mention of your search term. This way you can see the full context for each message.

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