Remove HTC One M9 Red Text Warning from ABOOT

We know how fun experimenting can be, especially when you are the owner of a device such as HTC One M9, so we are not here to judge. Feel free to unlock the bootloader by using the tutotial from this page, to root your handset with this guide, to install the latest custom ROMs and until now, there is probably no mystery the fact that all these unofficial procedures mean voiding the phone’s warranty.

It’s well known that you have the possibility to restore the warranty of your Android device with the help of this detailed guide, but things could be even easier if HTC’s One M9 is the phone that we are talking about. When you install custom ROMs on your One M9, you are used to see that red text warning on your boot screen as a sign that the device is void of warranty and is running a development build as long as it’s on a custom kernel.

That warning is no problem for your HTC service center which can immediately identify a warranty void handset and you know that this is only the beginning of your problems. The warranty is nothing else than the manufacturer’s own guarantee to repair your device if something goes wrong with it that isn’t your fault, but the warranty will not cover you for accidental damage and will be voided when performing such operations.

The best way to protect your interests is to avoid having your warranty invalidated, but this is not always possible, especially when you want to get the best from your device. Thankfully, the XDA member SoLdieR9312 has just posted a quick mod to remove the red text warning on boot from the HTC One M9 smartphone, but you should know that it’s dependent on the HTC software number running on your device and you should only flash the mod compatible for your software number.

Keep in mind the fact that the No Red Text warning can only be installed on an S-OFF handset, but we have a guide that we’ll help you with this aspect as well (read it from here). You must also backup important data so if something goes wrong you’ll be covered and don’t forget to prepare your PC for this procedure. Install the proper USB drivers for your One M9 and deactivate any security form that might interrupt the operation.

As for the battery life your device, make no mistake and be sure that it is at least of 60% or you could have an unpleasant situation later on.

How to Remove HTC One M9 Red Text Warning from ABOOT:

  1. For the start, you have to download No Red Text MOD in your computer by using this link;
  2. Boot your HTC One M9 into download mode;
  3. Connect it to your computer and ensure that you’ve Setup ADB and Fastboot on your PC;
  4. Open a command prompt window inside the folder where you saved the No Red Text MOD on your PC;
  5. After that, enter the following command in command prompt window:
    fastboot oem rebootRUU
    fastboot flash zip
  6. If the command window says “pre-update, reflash immediately”, then enter the second command once more;
  7. When the “Successful” message shows up on the command window, you can reboot your device.

That was all!

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