Filter and Search Apps on Android with AppDialer

Do you have plenty of apps on your Android device? I am sure of the fact that they are there for a reason, but finding a specific app that you need at a certain moment is not always as simple as you might want. And even after finding it, the story doesn’t reach to an end.

Maybe you need to quickly perform a certain task on that app or maybe you just what to see how cluttered your App drawer really is. Scrolling through page after page of apps is a waste of time, but a better management could really help you.

You can filter and search for apps on Android with the help of Appdialer. This is the app you should use as long as it searches for applications you have installed on your mobile device faster than any other app, saving you a lot of time, not to mention that it also searches for the contacts in your phone so you could place an urgent call in no time.

Filter and Search Apps on Android with AppDialer:

  1. Take AppDialer with the help of this direct link;
  2. The AppDialer can be launched by swiping up from the Home button, just as if you would swipe for Google Now;
  3. For a app search, all you have to do is to type few characters of the app name and it would be there for you to open it;
  4. When it comes to a contact, search type the name or number;
  5. The app also shows a constant notification in your Notification drawer with the list of most used apps.
  6. Features:
    Powerful: Search for apps by name or package name and contacts by name or number with the help of the T9 numpad;
    Personal: Take advantage of the history which offer personalized results for you;
    Predictive: Advanced predictive algorithm suggests applications before you even start searching;
    Intelligent: The ability to use both T9 numpad and qwerty keyboard;
    The notification widget: This expandable notification has the auto-generated app links that come up in T9 when you first open it. It can be used for launching any of those apps or for pulling up T9 from any screen. You can also disable it if you want.

This basic functionality is included with the free app, but the $2.95 pro version is also worthy of your attention.

Despite of the fact that the AppDialer is free to use, there are also some features unlocked just in the Pro version. The pro version unlocks the home screen widget in order to offer you the possibility to start searching directly from your home screen saving, just as Application actions and Contact actions are included in Pro version.

Speaking of apps, more tutorials can be found in the How to section:

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