Bring on the Bokeh to Your Note 8 Selfies

Apple might have done the fake blurred background (bokeh) trick the best with the dual cameras on the iPhone 7 Plus, but Samsung is not far behind either. Let me remind you that the Note 8 is the first major Galaxy handset to sport two rear cameras, with a setup that includes twin 12-megapixel sensors, one with wide-angle lens and one with telephoto, not to mention the fact that 2X optical zoom is here included, as well as dual tone flash, a feature called Live Focus, which is a multiple level Bokeh and that’s where the fun begins.

Speaking of selfies, the selfie shooters usually pack in a cool Selective Focus mode, which brings in the Bokeh effect to selfies as well. Things are no different for your Galaxy Note 8 smartphone and trust me when I say that it’s great when the Bokeh effect comes into play.

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Well, let me tell you the fact that Live focus is perfect for you to take beautiful bokeh shots where you make your subject stand out. And if you’re not satisfied by the result (this can happen, you know), then you can always have the option to adjust the level of background blur afterwards and get to the desired result in no time.

All you have to do is choose the focus object, tap on the shutter button and wait a couple of seconds for the camera to do the background processing that i have told you about from the start. The end result is a neat picture with the background softly blurring away.

So, you can get the focus you want before you press the shutter button and bring on the Bokeh to your Note 8 Selfies. How cool is that?

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