Install Android M Developer Preview FreeXperia on Sony Xperia Z2

As some of you might know, Sony released binaries allowing developers to create Android M developer preview test images for a various Xperia devices and Sony Xperia Z2 is among them. The FreeXperia team has made the magic possible once again and Xperia Z2 owners can get the Android M preview experience via custom ROM as I am speaking.
As this is the early stage or early version of FreeXperia Custom ROM, you should know the fact that it contains bugs which will be fixed in the final build, so you should wait a little longer. Still, if waiting is not really your thing and you are more than curious to install Android M on your Sony Xperia Z2, you can do that now.

If this is your very first time to install a custom ROM, let me tell you that before you actually jump to the installation process of Developer Preview M ROM, there are a few things to take care of. Your entire data will be wiped clean – like a brand new phone, so don’t hesitate to backup your important files, videors, photos, contacts and other data.

Make sure your Xperia Z2 Android device is charged up to 60% battery level, root the handset and make sure that it has the latest TWRP already installed. The bootloader must also be unlocked and no less important, prepare your laptop or your computer.

Make sure the USB drivers of this handset have been installed, that you have the original USB cord next to you and let’s start:

Install Android M Developer Preview FreeXperia on Sony Xperia Z2:

  1. For the start, you must take the Android M Developer Preview from here;
  2. Download Gapps wit hteh help of this direct link;
  3. Establish a connection between the smartphone and the PC with the help of the original USB cable;
  4. Now, you have to transfer the downloaded files to the phone’s internal storage;
  5. Disconnect the USB cable from the phone;
  6. Then, you have to turn it off;
  7. Enter into recovery mode by pressing Volume Up and Power buttons together at the same time;
  8. In the recovery mode, select a full data wipe by choosing wipe data/factory reset;
  9. Perform a cache wipe by selecting wipe cache partition;
  10. Up next, also perform a wipe of dalvik cache by selecting advanced then wipe dalvik cache;
  11. Go to the main menu of the recovery mode and select ‘install zip from SD card’;
  12. Go to the ROM zip file, which you copied before and install it;
  13. Also flash the Google Apps;
  14. Go once again to the main menu of recovery mode;
  15. After that, reboot the device.

Let me know how things worked for you and share your thoughts with us by using the comments area from below.

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