Enter Recovery Mode on Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

Entering recovery mode on your Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge is an operation required in so many cases. If you made a mistake and you damaged your phone in one way or another, if you want full control over it or to flash an official Android firmware on your Galaxy S6 Edge, if you need to clear cache when you feel that the phone is slow or that the ROM runs with lags and not only, this is the recommended solution for you.

Therefore, here we are to guide with through this Android procedure, so don’t hesitate to check and apply the guidelines from below. In case of being worried, we can assure you that you don’t have to use risky tools while trying to enter recovery mode on your S6 Edge and yes, this is an official process which that can be completed with ease even by those of you who never done anything like that in the past.

If you have already decided that reaching recovery mode on your SGS6 Edge is what you want, then let us present you not one, but actually three methods offering you the very same result. It is up to you to choose the one which suits you better, so let’s proceed:

How to Enter Recovery Mode on Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge:

Use a hardware combination:

  1. Power off your Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge device by pressing and holding the Power key for a few seconds;
  2. After that, press and hold Power, Home and Volume Up keys at the same time until recovery mode menu is being displayed;
  3. In recovery you can easily navigate by using the Volume Up and Down buttons; you can also select something by pressing the Power button;
  4. You can return to Android OS by simply selecting “reboot system now”.

Use a third party app:

If the hardware combination from above is not a solution for you, then let a third party app to do the job for you. These are the steps that must be followed:

  1. Go to Google Play from your Galaxy S6 Edge;
  2. From there search for the Quick Boot app (or any other app of your choice);
  3. Download the software and wait while the tool is automatically installed;
  4. Then, run Quick Boot;
  5. From its main menu you have to choose “Recovery”;
  6. Wait until the reboot sequence is being completed.

Enter ADB Commands:

There is one more method available, but this one implies using Android SDK for entering ADB commands in a cmd window, so it’s recommended only to advanced Android users. If you are one of them, prepare your computer and let’s begin:

  1. On your computer Android SKD must be installed;
  2. Connect your Galaxy device with the computer by using its USB cable;
  3. Navigate through the Fastboot folder;
  4. Open a command prompt window;
  5. Type: “adb reboot recovery” on the cmd window;
  6. Your Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge will automatically enter in recovery mode menu.

If the problems that we have talked about persist even after this procedure of booting into recovery, then we can only tell you that a hard reset or a factory reset should be performed as well!

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