Set up KnockCode on LG G4

Let me tell you from the start that I have been truly enjoying my time with the LG G4. In order to help you, the other readers and myself (of course), I’ve gone through the usual set of tests in order to get the best out of this Android device and I like what I have discovered.

In today’s guide I will show you how easy is to set up KnockCode on your LG G4.

When it comes to the past generations of LG flagships, you know that they all come with the Knock Code feature pre installed and there’s no one complaining about that. This feature gives you the possibility to unlock your smartphone from lockscreen or from sleep state with the help of a predefined 4-tap pattern.

I have to admit that this feature is not as secure as the PIN code one, but the combination of three to eight taps, set on to a 2×2 grid is definitely more interesting than the regular screen swipe that is currently adopted by the majority of Android users. And yes, the main advantage is the fact that the knock combination can be as small or as big as you choose it to be, although you might have to run into trial-and-error when doing the taps on a smaller area.

According to LG, there are no less than 86,367 unique pattern combinations for G4 Knock Code, so it’s not at all easy to be cracked by unwanted users who might get their hands on your LG G4 (if it lost or stolen, for example).

Have you ever wondered how to set up this function on your G4? Just follow the steps from below and you’ll succeed:

Set up KnockCode on LG G4:

  1. Go to Settings;
  2. Enter into the Lock screen section;
  3. Go to Select screen lock;
  4. Tap on Knock Code option which can be found next to the other available unlocking methods;
  5. Set your knock code, by tapping the screen from 4 to 8 times to setup a pattern tap;
  6. Tap Continue;
  7. Enter your knock code again;
  8. You should also provide an alternative PIN for the situations when something could go wrong;
  9. Also specify what type of notifications you want to get on lock screen;
  10. You are done! When you wake up your LG G4 you will see a square area on the lock screen in order to enter your KnockCode. Even more, when the display is off, you can perform your KnockCode and the display will wake up and unlock automatically.

So, I think that the Knock Code feature does its job at securing your phone and enabling fast access straight from lockscreen. Do you think this too? What are the inconveniences of using it? Share your opinion in the comments section from below.

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