Video Chat with Even More Friends on Instagram

I know that Instagram always means well, so the company is making video chatting even better. As you may know, Instagram rolled out video chat for Instagram Direct this summer, enabling up users to video chat with anyone they have active direct messages with. As you know, up to four people could participate on the call, but things have changed now and that limit was expanded to six people this time.

If you take in consideration some of the most popular Instagram rival apps, Snapchat allows up to 16 people to join in on a video call, while FaceTime has expanded that number to 32, so 6 might not sound like the best option out there, yet I think that it could make a difference.

The feature that I am telling you about can be found in the direct message inbox and you can easily video chat with anyone they’ve messaged in the app before. Of course, you must make sure that the person you want to video call via Instagram with, is actually a member of the platform.

Besides that, the Instagram Direct feature also allows you to multitask. So while you’re talking on the video chat, you can post a story, minimize the video screen during the conversation and continue to chat while browsing Instagram and not only. This world tends to be more about flexibility and Instagram seems to integrate that in most of its functions, as you can obviously see.

So now, that up to six people can video chat in Instagram Direct, do you intend to use the feature? If you do, let me be your guide!

Video Chat with Even More Friends on Instagram:

  1. To begin a new call, you must first go to your messages;
  2. While there, just click on + to start a new conversation;
  3. Now, you can select the friends you want to video chat with;
  4. Just select the camera icon and your friends will be notified about the call;
  5. In case there is someone in your DM, and you know for sure that you do not want to video call with them, you can block them or mute the conversation.

Remember that Video chat in Instagram allows you to chat with one person or a small group that become bigger now, so the choice is always yours!

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