Adjust the Galaxy S10 Home Screen App Grid

Want to personalize home screen of your new and amazing Galaxy S10 device? Join the club! Now, we are talking the same language! Well, I normally say that the size of the app and feature icons on your Android smartphone is moslty fixed. Of course, there are times when you just wish to change those sizes and I get it.

Perhaps you want them bigger so you can see them better, or maybe you just want the icons to be a bit smaller so more of them can fit on your home screen.

The choice should always be yours, as I am used to say. Things are no different for your Samsung device, I am sure of that. Some OEMs come with such features baked in, but many don’t. Anyway, you own a Samsung Galaxy S10 handset, so you are as lucky as you can get for today.

The home screen app grid can be easily adjusted to fit more app icons on the screen. And no third-party launcher or tool is required this time. Just follow the below steps to make your wish come true in no time:

Learn How to Adjust the Galaxy S10 Home Screen App Grid:

  1. At first, you need to long-press on a blank area of the home screen;
  2. Then, tap on Home screen settings;
  3. Next, select Home screen grid;
  4. You may now adjust the grid size to your liking;
  5. Note that you can do pretty much the same thing for the app screen grid by following the same steps and selecting Apps screen grid on the settings page.

That was all you had to do this time. Need any extra help with the procedure detailed above? You know how to find me. And do not leave this page! At least not so fast!

Do you know of other options to adjust the Galaxy S10 home screen app grid? Let us know in the comments! Others users need your help too and they might love expermineting with third-party tools more than you do!

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