Delete Duplicate Music from your Galaxy S9

Your Android handset often acts like a garage where all unnecessary junk is stored even without knowing it. This junk includes a lot of unnecessary files such as log files, cookies, cache files, duplicate files and many other junk files that tend to occupy precious storage space and severely impact your device speed and performance.

Are you looking for a way to delete Duplicate Music from your Galaxy S9? Even when you have the tendency of gathering too many songs that you no longer need, you might want to do a little bit of cleanup, not to mention that there are various reasons why these similar files accumulate on your device. File downloading and file sharing are among them, along with cache files generated due to actions you take on your device, so I always recommend a cleaning of your S9 device on regular intervals to prevent many storages and performance related issues and keep order.

This guide is perfect for that! If you haven’t enabled the USB debugging on your phone, this procedure cannot work, so you know what you have to do! Just open USB debugging on your Galaxy S9 phone and then, simply follow the instructions below:

Delete Duplicate Music from your Galaxy S9:

  1. Download Music Manager – Assistant for Android on your computer – Windows or Mac;
  2. Don’t hesitate to install it;
  3. Run the program;
  4. Connect your Samsung Galaxy S9 device to your computer and the Android program will recognize your Samsung device immediately;
  5. At this point, all files in your Samsung device will be scanned and displayed in categories. Have patience and then, click on “Music” option from the left to show all the audio files on your device on the right side window;
  6. Choose the duplicate music files you want to remove;
  7. Then, give a click on the “Delete” button from the top menu bar to remove them from your S9 smartphone.

Should you have any questions or queries, feel free to drop a comment in the below area.

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