How to Improve Palm Rejection on your Galaxy S9

Since almost all mobile devices now use a touchscreen instead of physical keys, senior citizens and kids might find themselves making more accidental taps, but it isn’t happening only to them. I bet that you have been in this situation too quite a few times, not to mention that unintentional touches along the edge of your Galaxy’s S9 display have become pretty much a habit.

Are you bothered by this too and need a change? Be sure of the fact that you can improve Palm Rejection on your Galaxy S9. To do the task, I am going to use an app known as EdgeTouch. This app lets you customize the palm rejection software on your Galaxy S9 smartphone so that the curved edges will completely stop registering accidental touches, just as things should be from the start.

Just keep on reading and you’ll find out what needs to be done to get out of this repeated touches loop that you are in.

How to Improve Palm Rejection on your Galaxy S9:

  1. At first, open the Galaxy Apps app from your app drawer;
  2. While here, you have to search “EdgeTouch” and choose the top result;
  3. Hit Install;
  4. Now, you can open EdgeTouch and grant it storage permission by tapping “Allow” on the popup;
  5. By default, the app is set to “Optimized,” and by selecting “Show Edge Zone” on the bottom, you can view the current setting. The yellow lines are for the zones where touch input won’t register at all, while the green bands are the areas where the touch won’t register when gripping or holding your handset;
  6. Tap on “Add Edge Zone” in order to create your custom touch rejection profile;
  7. Now, you may adjust the yellow bands within the “Blocked Zone” page by dragging the bars as this will prevent accidental touches from occurring at all;
  8. Hit Next once you’re satisfied, then do the same when setting the green bands within “Grip Zone” for improved palm rejection;
  9. Repeat the procedure for landscape mode;
  10. Up next, you can enter your custom profile’s name to complete the setup;
  11. Tap OK and your custom profile will now be available within the app’s main page.

I think that this app is a real lifesaver thing and so do others! What about you?

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