Enjoy Galaxy S9 Super slow-motion on any Android with Hudl Technique app

Your Galaxy S9 rocks! Well, let me tell you from the start that the handset is capable of capturing slow-motion video at 960 frames-per-second (or should I say: let me remind you?). This is possible thanks to Samsung’s new 3-stack ISOCELL Fast 2L3 image sensor with an integrated DRAM. Well, this is clearly a component that Samsung manufactures, so I tend to believe that the Galaxy S9 super slow-motion feature will be at least included on other Samsung devices, but wat should you do now?

If the thought of having such a feature on your device haunts you, I can only say that I am not here to advise you to empty your pockets and buy the new smartphone. If the budget is a limited one, then wouldn’t it be better to enjoy the Galaxy S9 Super slow-motion feature on any Android with the help of an app?

Hudl Technique app is formerly known as Ubersense and it is quite a popular option, at least in the world of athletes and coaches in more than 50 sports to improve through slow motion video analysis. This is the first sign that you are getting the very best from a free app, so I think that you should give it a try.

Both athletes and professionals play sports videos in slow-motion to identify mistakes via this Hudl Technique app, but I think that any user can record HD video, and import to the app from their camera roll, or Google Drive and Dropbox.

The videos can be organized by specific categories and you can play back videos frame by frame in slow-motion and also zoom in for details. The app also provides some interesting and fun to use drawing tools to measure or highlight something in videos and it even lets you compare two videos by playing them simultaneously, stacked or side-by-side. Then, you can synchronize comparison videos the best evaluation, so you get a similar Galaxy S9 Super slow-motion and some extra too.

Grab the Hudl Technique app right away and let me know if you are still thinking of that gorgeous Galaxy S9.

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