How to Set Up the Camera Video Size on Galaxy S9

One of the biggest improvements with the Galaxy S9 smartphone is the redesigned camera and I actually find it as being one of the main reasons you’ll buy a Samsung Galaxy S9 handset in the first place. The camera includes the very best aspects of the Galaxy Note 8’s camera that users all over the world love, along with taking amazing low-light shots and enjoying a tempting set of features.

There are plenty of tips, modes, as well as settings that you need to learn in order to master the Galaxy S9 camera. I don’t say that all of you must be ready to take pictures like a pro, yet a few little tips are a must if you want the best results. Setting up the Camera Video Size on Galaxy S9 is such an example, along with the little tips that come along with the choice that you make.

For example, I don’t want to spoil all the fun, but you should better keep in mind the fact that choosing to use the UHD, FHD or QHD at 60fps basically restricts you from using the tracking AF, HDR or any other video effects that you might like. Even more, you have no chance to use the camera to take photos when you are recording videos in FHD at 60fps. Are you willing to accept that?

How to Set Up The Camera Video Size on Galaxy S9:

  1. First of all, you need to launch the camera app;
  2. Then, you need to access the camera settings;
  3. Now, get into the Camera preview screen;
  4. Select Settings;
  5. Tap on Video size;
  6. Now, you have to select the optimal video size from the seven options provided. I cannot know precisely what you have in mind, but I have one advice regarding the Video Size – you should better set this to UHD (60 fps) for maximum quality and frame rate. Keep the “High efficiency video” toggle turned off for better compatibility and don’t forget that all options have their ups and downs.

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