Very dark super slow-motion videos Problem on your Galaxy S9

If you check the forums for popular consumer cameras and smartphones, you’ll find plenty of Galaxy S9 users wondering why their slow motion videos always turn out so dark. Some of them are reporting that super slow-motion video on their S9 devices is showing up with dramatically increased levels of darkness in lower lighting conditions are you seem to be one of them too.

This is obviously a bug that does not affect all S9 units, but if it affects yours, you know how terrible it feels to notice a dramatic difference in the lighting between your Auto camera mode and when you switch to your Super Slow-Motion mode. Why is this happening?

Even the best ultra-high speed cameras have their limits because things aren’t at all easy to create and record that much data without sacrificing from the picture quality. Just imagine how things happen on your Galaxy S9 handset! Super slow motion captures 960 frames per second, therefore it needs sufficient light to show clear video compared with normal video at 30fps and low motion video at 240fps. If you record a super slow motion video in dark areas noise may occurs as Super Slow motion uses very fast shutter speed.

Streaks on Super slow motion video are caused by flicker of light source. As Super slow motion use very fast shutter speed, a flash of light that is invisible to the human being is recorded on the camera, so Super slow motion video quality seems poor. And besides that, if we add the very dark super slow-motion videos, things get even more upsetting.

You might not like what I have to tell you, but there is no magical fix this time. The idea is that Samsung is aware of this symptom which may appear on some Galaxy S9 units and is working on a software to correct it as soon as possible. The company clearly plans to release a new Software update at earliest possible, so my advice to hang tight until this happens.

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