Bring out the Best in your Meal by using Galaxy S9 Food Mode

An year ago, Samsung did something spectacular and made us forget about the Note 7 disaster and launched the Galaxy S8, which was one of the best phones of 2017. So, we only expect getting the best from this year’s Galaxy S9, even if the handset isn’t hugely different from the S8 phone. The new Galaxy S9  looks almost the same as its older brother, yet there are some refined touches that make the difference.

And the camera is a special choice too! The Samsung Galaxy S9 camera delivers great target exposure in all light conditions, down to very low light, the category-defining Dual Aperture is able to adapt to bright light, as well as super low light automatically, like the human eye, you have the chance to shoot at an incredible speed of no less than 960 frames per second, thanks to the super speed sensor and there’s so much more to discover about it!

For example, don’t you want to bring out the best in your meal by using the Food mode setting on your Galaxy S9 smartphone? The truth is that food photography is one of the most liked sections on social media these days and I love that, especially that my new Galaxy S9 can turn into a faithful assistant via this special built-in food mode that you should also use.

You own this handset too, so be sure that your ordinary meals can look like fine dining if done right. This mode optimizes food pictures with enhanced color and contrast, so that your rather boring plate ends up looking super delicious.

For that to be possible, you must simply tap on an area to focus, then you have to hit the shutter button, and you know what happens next: your plate has been transformed into something new! Food Mode basically makes your dish look delicious, but I don’t have to tell you that. Just give it a try and you can be the judge of this.

And don’t forget that you have much more features at your disposal, so keep on searching.

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