How to Enable Galaxy S9 Motion Photo

I have tested and reviewed the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus’ cameras, their modes and special features, Bixby Vision and the funky AR face masks and we have all agreed that many are worthy of your time. Now, there’s another Samsung handset enjoying the spotlight and I bet that it was love at first sight in your case too.

Coming with advanced variable-aperture lens, Super Slow-mo feature, an integrated AR Emoji option and much more, there is no secret that the camera has received the most attention on the Samsung Galaxy S9 smartphone of the moment. What about Motion Photos camera settings?

This feature is worthy of your full attention as long as many Android users have once complained about the fact that Live Photos is a fun iPhone feature that they would like too as it creates a “living” photo by attaching a short video clip to a photo.

Therefore, this little setting records a tiny clip before a shot is actually captured, so you can see the moments before the shot is captured.

How to Enable Galaxy S9 Motion Photo:

  1. To enable it, open the camera app;
  2. Then, you have to navigate to the Settings page;
  3. Scroll down to Motion photo and toggle the switch on;
  4. Once enabled, every single photo you take will also have a short 3-second video attached. There’s no visual indication of this when snapping photos in the camera app, so you just have to remember it’s on, but motion photos are denoted by the Play Motion Photo icon at the bottom;
  5. Don’t forget that you can also capture a shot from the saved pictures.

This is not a new function, but Samsung first introduced Motion Photos on the Galaxy S7 and you see that the company made it extremely easy for users to quickly enable it. And the Motion photo will then be saved and appears in your Gallery right beside the photo it was extracted from.

Check out our in-depth Galaxy S9 guides for more on Samsung’s flagship phone and stay tuned for more. This is the handset of the moment and every second spend on discovering it is a bless.

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