The Best Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Cases

I am perfectly aware of all those rumors surrounding the upcoming Galaxy S8, but even in such conditions the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge remains in the center of attention. Samsung really did its best with the design of its flagship and who says something else definitely lies.

With a phone as delicate as the glass-covered Galaxy S7 Edge, a case is a must and I am sure that you have nothing against this idea. After all, that amazing look and delicate feel come at a price and your S7 Edge is far from a rugged phone. However, you don’t have to worry about that or stay away from such a beauty because you are afraid that you will do something wrong.

The most inspired method to prevent your phone from scratches and any possible accidents is by utilizing a case. There are already plenty of great cases on the market and I know that sometimes taking the best decision is overwhelming, so let me point you in the right direction.

The Best Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Cases:

10. Body Glove Satin case
Let me introduce you the Body Glove Satin case for the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. This Body Glove Satin case fits your precious smartphone like a glove and as you would expect it, I can assure you that it includes extra protection in the corners to reinforce your device against any potential impacts.

Body Glove Satin case

The case is made from a durable, gel-like material and what I love about it is the fact that it also features some sort of an antimicrobial protection, technology which is carried over from Body Glove’s wetsuit business. Even more, you get easy access to all buttons and controls: take a look and you will see that it has all the necessary openings for your phone’s ports, camera, and buttons, so there’s no issue to obstruct the normal usage. And besides that, the brushed-aluminum design on the back is definitely eye-catching, especially in purple, but it isn’t the only color option if you feel that purple might be too much for you.

Use this Amazon link to grab the Body Glove Satin case right away.

9. OBLIQ Slim Fit Premium Case
If you also bought Samsung’s Galaxy S7 Edge and desperately need a case, what do you think about one that gives you phone a sleek, brushed aluminium-like finish? I am talking about the OBLIQ Slim Fit Premium Case for the Galaxy S7 Edge model which does everything you want it to do without sacrificing the style and the comfort.

OBLIQ Slim Fit Premium Case

So, this one is made with premium quality Thermoplastic polyurethane and some other solid built Polycarbonate materials, being both slim and capable of preventing daily damages. This product is designed in USA and manufactured in Korea for highest quality and the result is an innovative construction that will keep your handset safe. And this case even allows for a full coverage screen protector to make sure that nothing bad can happen to your Galaxy S7 Edge.

OBLIQ Slim Fit Premium Case can be taken from here.

8. Rearth Ringke Fusion Air Case
The Rearth Ringke Fusion Air Case is in my list too as long as it doesn’t detract from the aesthetic of the phone. If you also want a perfect crystal clear case to highlight the beauty of your Galaxy S7 Edge, then there is no better choice than this one.

Rearth Ringke Fusion Air Case

Such a case cannot provide rugged protection, that’s obviously, but it is designed to show off the design of the S7 Edge. The cut-outs are all there with maximum precision, there are slim button covers, and you get port covers on the bottom in order to keep dust and lint out. So, I don’t know about you, but all these look pretty convincing to me!

Enter here if you want to buy the Rearth Ringke Fusion Air Case.

7. Carved Traveler Wood Case
Carved is that company that offers a wide range of different types of wood. I am telling you that since you can now choose a case with a colorful printed design for your Galaxy S7 Edge coming straight from Carved and I am sure that you won’t regret this decision. I personally love the uniqueness of the hand carved wood with its own personality and I sure that I am not the only one.

Carved Traveler Wood Case

This case is made of slim, black polycarbonate with a flexible bumper for your smartphone and is comfortable and secure to hold. Even more, buttons and ports are easily used/accessed and yes, it provides great edge protection without bulking out the handset too much. All these with that wood cover, that natural wood finish are an amazing combination, don’t you think?

If this is what you want too, then feel free to take it from here.

6. Seidio Surface Case
Have you ever tried a two-piece case for any of your Android smartphones? That’s what the Seidio Surface Case is all about and trust me when I say that this case has it all: there’s flexible TPU inside the case and adorning the button covers, with a layer of polycarbonate on top, not to mention the precise openings for your phone’s camera and ports.

Seidio Surface Case

Even more, the case is strong and there’s a magnetic closure to keep it out of the way when you aren’t using it. I know that the idea of a two –piece case might seem to much for some, but in fact, it fits perfectly, it is easy to install, and feels really sturdy, just as it should feel. And don’t forget that you can choose between a wide range of color options such as black, red and black, or gold and black.

Buy Seidio Surface Case from here.

5. Verus Damda Clip Wallet Case
Do you want more than a simple case? Well, check out Verus Damda Clip Wallet Case which is a uniquely designed model that enables you to carry around your cards with you. Yes, you can keep your ID and credit cards with you at all times by storing them securely inside the Damda Clip which also takes good care of your S7 Edge.

Verus Damda Clip Wallet Case

The phone fits perfectly into the case and you get precise cutouts for ports, as well as TPU button covers for a responsive feedback and high protection. Speaking of that, let’s not forget that the cover itself is sturdy and all corners are reinforced to provide protection against shocks and impacts.

Verus Damda Clip Wallet Case can be taken by accessing this Amazon link.

4. VRS Design Triple Mixx Clear Case
The VRS Design Triple Mixx Clear Case is another sturdy case that caught my attention. This is made from premium TPU and a mixture of sturdy Polycarbonate materials that can protect your smartphone from drops, scratches and scuffs.

VRS Design Triple Mixx Clear Case

I can truly say that S7 Edge fits like a glove in this case and looks perfect this way. And even more, we are once again talking about precise cutouts which create the accessibility that you need for all S7 Edge ports. So, if you have it, you could drop your phone anytime and it will survive.

VRS Design Triple Mixx Clear Case waits for you here.

3. OBLIQ Naked Crystal Clear Heavy Duty Case
Let me tell you more about the OBLIQ Naked Crystal Clear Heavy Duty Case which has been especially designed for Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge – International and Unlocked models. Being made from the sturdy TPU that we all love and a combination of Polycarbonate materials, this case can truly prevent scratches and sudden impacts.

OBLIQ Naked Crystal Clear Heavy Duty Case

I also love that 1.5 mm front lip that protrudes just enough to prevent your handset’s screen from making any direct contact with any flat surface. As for the kickstand, this is a major advantage too as long as it can offer a much better viewing of any photo or video contents on your smartphone. And I don’t know about you, but I find that the Galaxy S7 Edge as being pretty slippery on its own to hold. This case reduces that sensation and there’s no chance to call it slippery!

Buy the OBLIQ Naked Crystal Clear Heavy Duty Case from here.

2. Spigen Slim Armor Case
I have always been a fan of Spigen’s Slim Armor cases as long as they provide rugged protection through a dual-layer design and Air Cushion technology, as well as a raised lip for screen protection. Who wouldn’t want all these for his/her Galaxy smartphone?

Spigen Slim Armor Case

The case is perfectly designed for the S7 Edge and unlike others, it is easy to put in and take out the phone. The cut-outs are precise, so there’s plenty of room for port access and even though the button covers are flush with the frame, they still work well, I can assure you of that. The integrated kickstand for comfort viewing is a bonus, just as the fact that it looks quite slimlined compared to other similar cases. Well, that’s the Spigen quality!

You can buy the Spigen Slim Armor Case by accessing this link.

1. Samsung LED View Flip Cover Case
Our smartphones play such a large role in our lives, so we want the best for them in terms of accessories. I am not always into official cases, but this time the Samsung LED View Flip Cover Case won my heart.

Samsung LED View Flip Cover Case

As you can see, this is a folio style with a minimal cradle inside to keep your S7 Edge securely in place. It automatically turns off the screen when you close it, but there are also LEDs that can show the time, the incoming calls and messages, your phone’s battery status, and more. Touch interaction lets you accept, reject or even control your alarm without lifting the cover. And the case itself isn’t real leather, at least not at that price, but it looks stylish and far from cheap, so it definitely deserves the first place!

Samsung LED View Flip Cover Case waits for its buyers here (Amazon) or here (Samsung).

As you can see, I have rounded up some of my favorite cases, which run from those strictly protective all the way to some feature-packed and amazingly looking cases. Have you decided which one is the best for you?

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