How to Stop OnePlus 5 from Dimming

The great thing about Android is that you can customize your handset as you want. Make your OnePlus 5 to meet your deepest needs and this includes how long the screen timeout period lasts or stopping dimming Are you also having a problem with your OnePlus 5’s display dimming timeout? Some people claim that they would do anything to stop their handset from dimming and it isn’t at all a difficult procedure.

The OnePlus 3 screen dims after not being used for some time and eventually turns off to save battery life. The standard setting on the OnePlus 5 is about 30 seconds before the screen dims, yet you know better than anyone the ideal time. Maybe you’re looking at a recipe on your handset, your hands are covered in tomato juice, and you need to get to the next step or maybe that online page is way too long to be inspected in half a minute. How you get your screen to stay on longer?

You should though keep something in mind. The larger the time is, be sure that the more battery is being used. I don’t know what you think of your handset’s battery, yet I am sure that every OnePlus 5 thinks twice before adding another element that can drain the battery’s juice even faster, so the decision all yours.

To be able to change the length of time the screen on the OnePlus 5 will stay on, you need to follow the below procedure:

How to Stop OnePlus 5 from Dimming:

  1. Enter into Settings application;
  2. Afterwards, find Display Options;
  3. At this point, you can change the amount of time for the timeout screen. The default is of no more than 30 seconds, but you can set it for five minutes and up;
  4. At this point, select the setting or option that works best for you and you’re all done. Like that, your handset’s screen will only dim and timeout after the amount of inactivity you choose;
  5. You may also use the feature called Smart Stay from the same page. Smart Stay will allow the smartphone to actively turn the display On and Off, based on eye recognition. The way that Smart Stay works is the eye tracking is based on the front sensors of the OnePlus camera which can easily recognize when the user looks away and dim or turn off the display, then turn back on once you glance at the screen.

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