Easily Transfer Files between HTC One M9 and your Computer

Do you want to find a method to rapidly transfer files between HTC One M9 and your computer? As you probably know the ideal way is to use the supplied USB cord to establish a connection between your phone directly to the computer and transfer files such as music, photos, videos and any other content that you might want.

The procedure is not at all a complicated one, but you should keep in mind that if you want to save data to an SD card on your HTC One M9, you have to verify that the SD card is installed and working properly. Your handset supports the use of an optional SD card to expand its storage capacity, but some cards may not operate properly with your phone.

And no matter what it might happen, you don’t have to remove the SD card while transferring data. If there is something wrong, wait until the transfer finishes to check it out.

How to Transfer Files between HTC One M9 and your Computer:

  1. Connect your One M9 to the computer by using the USB cable. In order to do that, feel free to insert the larger end of the cable to the charger/accessory jack at the bottom of the handset, while the end of the cable has to be inserted into an available USB port on your PC;
  2. When the MTP connected icon appears in the notifications area, you have to drag the status bar down to display the notifications window;
  3. You will see Media device [MTP] connected and the files from your HTC device can be easily accessed via your computer;
  4. On the PC, it’s time to go to the detected device;
  5. Then, open it;
  6. If available, select a drive (SD card for SD card storage; Internal storage for internal phone storage);
  7. Go to the folder where the files that you want to transfer are placed;
  8. Simply copy the files from your computer to the HTC One M9 phone (or vice versa);
  9. At the end, remove the cord to disconnect the smartphone from your computer.

This is the easiest method, as I have said it from the start, but there are ways you can transfer your media from or to your computer:

  1. You can also choose to download and use the HTC Sync Manager software on your computer. You can set it up to automatically transfer pictures, audio files and more from your HTC One M9 to the computer in a matter of a few minutes, not to mention that you also have the possibility to sync playlists from your PC directly to the phone;
  2. If you have an iPhone too, you can even connect it and transfer camera roll photos to your computer. Then reconnect your HTC One M9 and don’t hesitate to copy them over to enjoy them here as well!

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