HTC One M9: How to Use New Launcher Apps along with Blinkfeed

If you are the owner of the new HTC One M9, then I bet that you like Blinkfeed using its built in launcher, Sense 7. Anyway, although Sense 7 is very polished and offers you plenty of advantages, one thing is for sure: if you want more customization and speed, these can be obtained using a third party launcher like NovaPrime.

The problem is that Blinkfeed is indeed part of Sense, so your first impression might be that it cannot work along with any third party solution. However, things are a little different and you actually can use a new Launcher along with Blinkfeed.

With Blinkfeed, you have the possibility to get the latest about your interests or stay in touch with friends and family right on HTC Blinkfeed. It is only up to you to set up which social networks, news sources, and more that will appear to keep you in informed, so don’t hesitate to read the guide on How to Use HTC One M9 Blinkfeed and apply it. However, a third party launcher like NovaPrime that I have told you about from the start, things can get even better.

I know that most of the average smartphone users don’t even think about bothering to try such third-party launchers, but rather stick with whatever the manufacturer has provided from the start. Nova instead is here to offer you infinite scrolling across the app drawer and home screens, customizable app drawer that supports transparency and multi-directional scrolling, customizable icons via downloadable icon packs, customizable folder icons and backgrounds, multi-item select for bulk adding apps or widgets to folders or home screens, Theme support, customizable colors for launcher accents, windows, or tools, complete control over widget placement on-screen and more. Don’t you want all these? you can have them all:

How to Use New Launcher along with Blinkfeed on your HTC One M9 Device:

  1. For the start, you have to open the default launcher known as Blinkfeed;
  2. Delete all additional screens with the exception of Blinkfeed;
  3. Then, you have to set Nova as default launcher;
  4. Long press on home screen and press Shortcuts;
  5. Select Activities;
  6. Go to HTC blinkfeed>HTC Blinkfeed “launcher”; by doing that, you’ll get a shortcut on your desktop that launches Blinkfeed;
  7. If you want to return to Nova, just press the Home button and your wish will come true.

Has this guide been useful? Please do let me know in the comments if you have encountered any issues and I will o my best to help you.

And meanwhile, more tutorials are waiting for you in the How to section, with more to come. Here’s what you can find there:

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