How to Fix Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge GPS Problems

The newest Galaxy S7 Edge flagship smartphone from Samsung comes with several great features that no other smartphone can compete with, but don’t you imagine that becoming its owner spares you of all the trouble.

Things don’t work this way and taking an action is usually the best thing to do.

Most people are finding that the GPS on the Galaxy S7 Edge is excellent, but a few people are having problems getting accurate positioning.

They complain about the fact that it keeps losing the lock, and some fitness apps that track runs end up returning odd results.

Fix Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge GPS Problems:

  • The most simple way to anticipate this sort of issue is to set your GPS in high accuracy. You can set this up by clicking Settings, then choosing Location and making sure that it is already turned on; then you can set to High Accuracy. However, this is the setting that naturally sets your GPS so that it goes on the right track. If this step makes no difference, then you can try other potential solutions;
  • You can also download an application from the Google play store named GPS Status and toolbox for a better GPS accuracy. Haven’t you heard of it? Access this link and you will see that I am not at all wrong as long as it displays all the GPS and sensor data you ever were curious about: position and signal strength of satellites, the speed, acceleration, accuracy, battery state and more, coming with tools such as compass with magnetic and true north, leveling tool, waypoints: mark or share your location and navigate back later using the Radar (especially useful for geocaching, or quick marking your actual position);
  • Other option is to blame some applications in your phone that use GPS, so you need to clear the caches of those apps. For that, just enter into Settings, then go to Application Manager, and choose Clear cache;
  • If nothing seems to work, you could try a factory reset also known as hard reset. Backup everything first, and then, find your way to Settings > Backup & reset > Reset device > Erase everything. After that, you must be very careful about what you install and take note of any app that could affect the GPS performance of your Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. Enter here if you want mpre details on this procedure.

These instructions should be able to solve any Bluetooth problems you have on your Galaxy S7 Edge, but there is no guarantee for that. If there is a hardware or software malfunction that causes the problem, you can ensure it with the help of the GPS Test app (that can be taken from here) and see the result.

If it not picking up the same satellites as other phones that also uses GPS, then you might be dealing with a hardware malfunction, so do not hesitate to send your Samsung device for repair through your carrier or even ask a replacement to Samsung or the retailer.

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