Find a Good Place to Skateboard with Skate Spots Hunter

Finding a good place to skateboard is really tricky these days. There are so many cities with strict laws against skateboarding in public areas or on government property, not to mention that some skaters refuse to share their skate places and you have no chance to excel and learn new moves without discovering new spots with new hurdles to practice.

This is where Skate Spots Hunter will help you out. You might not live in Barcelona, the most famous skate city on the planet, but there has to be a spot for you too and this where the app steps in by telling you about that new skate park you haven’t heard about, the ideal local high school with parking lots, long handrails, ramps, and large concrete areas outside of the school building which are ideal for your activity, about that new store with large parking lots (assuming that others already asked the owner of the store if they can use the parking lot to skate), about that forgotten park with large paved bike trails and so on.

The idea is that Skate Spots Hunter is a community of users from across the world who are willing to share new locations in their neighborhood. You can quickly create a profile, add your current location with some useful pics of the skateboarding spot and upload. There is also a point system in place to encourage members of the community to share more spots.

So, skaters bookmark great skate locations in their cities and that’s how the adventure begins. The app is free to use (and ad-supported, of course), so don’t waste any more time and grab it onto your own Android device. Grab the Skate Spots Hunter app right away.

And despite of hearing about some really tempting places, never forget to use your best judgement when choosing a skate spot. Not all skaters are concerned about breaking laws, but you always know your priorities, right?

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