Learn to Disable Fingerprint Sensor on LG V30

If you are an LG V30 user, chances are that you may have used its Fingerprint Sensor. LG V30 allows you to protect your phone with its improved built-in fingerprint sensor. It enables you to unlock those apps, pass the login pages of the websites you’re visiting, and unlocking your device with just a flick of your thumb. It’s easy to use and very quick to learn.

To access the Fingerprint Sensor on the handset that you use, you just had to enter into Settings > Screen lock type > Fingerprints and follow the steps appearing on your screen to activate and set up the fingerprint sensor. Then, it is up to you to go back to that setting and remove or add more fingerprints that will be registered to your scanner or even to disable it.

A fingerprint may or may not be the most secure way of locking down your phone, we all know it. And after all, I have seen that not all LG V30 users are a fan of it that’s why in this article, I will show you how simple is to deactivate the fingerprint scanner on your LG V30.

Learn to Disable Fingerprint Sensor on LG V30:

  1. The first thing that you need to do is to obviously open your LG V30;
  2. Go to the Menu;
  3. Head to the Settings app;
  4. Then, browse for the Lock screen and security option;
  5. Tap the Screen Lock Type option;
  6. After that, don’t hesitate to use your fingerprint to deactivate this feature;
  7. While here, you’ll also be able to change what unlocking screen method you’ll be using in the latter. I am talking about one of the following methods: Pattern; Swipe; Password; Pin; None;
  8. Once you have chosen the method that you prefer using, you’ll be able to deactivate the fingerprint scanning feature on your LG V30.

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