Turn ON and OFF Automatic App Updates on your LG V30

Are you proud by your LG V30 smartphone? Good for you! Nothings seems to be impossible with such an amazing device, yet tweaking it is still a must if you want to make the device truly yours. Don’t you agree with me? The procedure of activating or deactivating the automatic app update of your LG V30’s is nothing to worry about, yet a must speaking of the comfort pf enjoying such a device.

his will help you save a lot of data on the handset for events that are really important to you, and also help you save a lot of battery since when your applications updates automatically, it silently drains your battery as well. However, you must choose wisely since there’s a catch that you should know from the start.

If you are nothing more than a casual user, then you should know the fact that my advice is to leave it on or else you could have second thoughts. After all, deactivating the automatic update app on your LG V30 will result for your handset to be permanently bombarded with more and more updates for your phone’s applications, which can be really annoying for some of you. Therefore, you know what you have to do. Let’s see the detailed procedure.

How to Turn ON and OFF Automatic App Updates on your LG V30:

  1. For the start, you need to open your LG V30 smartphone;
  2. Head to the Play Store;
  3. After that, you have to press the Menu button located in the upper left part of your screen;
  4. Once you’ve tapped it, be sure of the fact that a menu will appear. Now, you must look for the Settings option;
  5. At this point, a dropdown list will appear, so select Auto-update apps;
  6. Under this option, you’re able to choose whether you want to Automatically update apps or Do not auto-update apps.

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