How to Use a Preset Routine in Bixby Routines on Galaxy S10 Plus

The Galaxy S10 lineup brings quite a few software tricks, and here I am to tell you more about one of my favorite of all. To improve Bixby’s smarts, Samsung introduced Bixby Routines, a service that functions alongside Bixby Vision and Bixby Home. This is a feature that does its very best to learn your habits to launch apps or settings when you’re most likely to need.

For instance, in the evening Routines, it may mute your S10 Plus phone, turn on Night Mode, and shut off mobile data. At the same time, getting into your car could automatically trigger Spotify or turn on Do Not Disturb mode. Bixby Routines basically works on the If This Then That (IFTTT) principle. In other words, if a certain condition is met, Bixby will then carry out whatever function or command that you’ve mapped to that condition.

And trust me when I say that there’s a lot of options to choose from on your S10 Plus smartphone. Routines can be triggered based on a certain time, location, or event. As for the preset routines, they are more than generous as well. You just need to take your time to discover them and what can they do for you. Use the procedure here detailed:

Learn How to Use a Preset Routine in Bixby Routines:

  1. First of all, you have to pull down the notification panel and slide it to the left;
  2. You must now tap on Bixby Routines;
  3. Tap Details;
  4. Up next, tap the Recommended tab;
  5. You may now select one of the Routines from the preset list of options;
  6. Adjust the “If” and “Then” according to your own requirements;
  7. Don’t forget to tap “Save routine” when everything looks fine;
  8. Now, the new routine is saved and will show up in the “My routines” tab.

Dp you want to keep on exploring your S10 Plus handset? I couldn’t agree more. On AndroidFlagship you will keep on finding various guides that will show you the very best of it, so be confident.

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