Change the Navigation Button Order on Galaxy S10 Plus

I remember what a big change Samsung’s Galaxy S8 was. Samsung ditched the physical home button on its flagship, so the Galaxy S8 come with software buttons back then. One of the great things about having virtual navigation buttons is that the order can be changed. This applies to your new Galaxy S10 Plus as well. After all, Samsung moved to software navigation buttons since Galaxy S8.

There are no hardware navigation buttons on your Galaxy S10 Plus. The handset that you own uses instead a navigation bar with 3 navigation buttons: Back, Home and Recent (aka Overview) on the bottom part of the screen. If you migrated from a non-Samsung phone, you may discover that the button order is different from your previous device.

At the same time, in stock Android, the Back button is on the left of the Home button and Recents (Overview) button to the right. Of course, you can change the navigation button order on Galaxy S10 Plus to match other Android phones or your own preferences, as quirky as they might be.

Well, you don’t actually have full autonomy over which buttons go in which order, but you can choose between the default or Back – Home – Recent:

How to Change the Navigation Button Order on Galaxy S10 Plus:

  1. Open Settings;
  2. After that, tap Display;
  3. Scroll down and tap Navigation bar;
  4. Then, just tap Button layout;
  5. Now, simply tap the new Button layout that you want to use.

You can clearly rearrange the icons to your liking, but do you know what I really think? Samsung’s implementation makes perfect sense to me and other users too.

The Back button is more often used than the button for viewing the recent apps screen and, therefore, it should be closer to the user’s thumb. Don’t you think so? Most Samsung users probably leave the software key order unchanged for that reason, while those who were moving from something with the stock Android placement enjoy such an option to use that setup on their new Galaxy S10 Plus smartphone.

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