How to Hide the Notch on OnePlus 6

Apple last year unveiled the iPhone X with a notch at the top that housed the front-facing camera and earpiece and there was no joy about that. The feature was severely criticized by Apple’s users and Android made an uninspired move even in such conditions. I am saying that as long as several Android handset makers at Mobile World Congress revealed their own line of smartphones with notches and now we all suffer or think twice before buying a certain device that we might like.

Some companies seem to be acknowledging that people don’t like it, yet it’s still here, giving us a hard time to adjust or work with. Would you buy a phone with a notch if you couldn’t hide it? This is not the case for the OnePlus 6 handset, so don’t give up on this handset just yet.

The latest images showing the OnePlus 6 in its notchy glory made quite an impression of those already hating this design element. While only a portion of the phone is seen in these photos, there is no doubt that the OnePlus 6 will have a notchy. Yes, we now it for sure, but stop thinking of that when you have an app that lets you hide the Notch on OnePlus 6.

I certainly know a few Android users who would like to turn off the notch on their handset and Nacho Notch — Notch Hider makes it possible. This app works through the use of a custom Quick Tile. You can and the tile by opening the notification shade all the way, tapping the pencil or “EDIT,” and dragging “Hide Notch” to the active area. Then, you’re good to go on your OnePlus 6.

Worry not about this app! Rotating the handset won’t cover up the status bar as the Nacho Notch — Notch Hider app is meant to do so because the overlay is hidden automatically. And even if Google Calendar and Instagram cause the status bar icons to turn dark gray or black, effectively hiding them when Nacho Notch is activated, it is a small price to pay for what you are getting, don’t you think?

Nacho Notch — Notch Hider waits for you on Goggle Play.

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