How to Create 3D Images with your Android Phone

Have you ever thought about creating your own 3D images with your Android phone? Not so long ago Google released the amazing Cardboard Camera, an app that captures 3D still images with your Android phone that you can then view with your Cardboard kit. Are you new to all these? Then, let me be your guide!

Cardboard Camera has the ability to take VR photos and as you know, VR photos are 3D, just what you need for your family get-together or unexpected trip. All you have to do is to enjoy the moment and let the amazing VR photos bring you back to that specific moment.

As you can see, you can take stunning panoramic photos with depth and sound you can see and hear in VR and you can even view these photos in virtual reality using Google Cardboard. This is Google’s virtual reality kit, combining a great 3D app with an inexpensive viewer so you can experience immersive virtual reality on your phone. Take it from here right away.

How to Create 3D Images with your Android Phone:

  1. No sign-up or account required, but all you have to do is to take the Cardboard Camera for Android by accessing this direct link;
  2. To get started, launch the Cardboard Camera app;
  3. Up next, you have to tap the orange Camera icon in the bottom-right corner;
  4. To record audio, tap the audio icon at the bottom right;
  5. Then, tap the Orange shutter button in order to start capturing your panorama;
  6. As you swivel, you will see that an orange bar tracks your progress, and the app warns you if you are moving too quickly;
  7. After your 360-degree sweep, the app renders the stereoscopic still image. Don’t you like the result? Then, just press and hold the image to select it and then tap the garbage can;
  8. If you love it however, place your phone in your Cardboard viewer to watch your 360-degree panorama;
  9. Note that you should not use this app while driving as you risk being distracted or disoriented and you know how dangerous this can be.

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