Cool Way to Customize Galaxy S8 Plus Lock Screen with a Video Wallpaper

The flexibility and openness of Android once again made my day. And if you are the owner of a Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus, it will make your day too. Well, do you know that downloaded and recorded video files can be set as a video wallpaper? Since you are always looking for cool ways to customize every single aspect of your Android experience, I am sure that you will love this one too.

Why should you want your Lock Screen with a Video Wallpaper? Well, the feature first appeared on the Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus handsets and users bragged about it as being awesome, so don’t deny it. You’ve wanted it too, so that’s your chance to grab it! And a video wallpaper is far more interesting than a classical one, that’s for sure!

So far so good, but don’t forget that the video file should not be over 100MB; I am sure that this won’t be a problem, just as the playing time must be less than 15 seconds. If it is any longer, but you know that this is the perfect choice, then you should better trim it down first or you are simply wasting your time here. Here’s the detailed procedure:

Customize Galaxy S8 Plus lock screen with a Video Wallpaper:

  1. First and foremost, you have to select the video from your device;
  2. After that, it’s time to click on the three-dot settings menu in the top-right corner;
  3. Select the Set as wallpaper option;
  4. If you don’t want one of your own videos there, feel free to choose one from Samsung via the Samsung Themes app, so head to the Wallpapers section;
  5. In the end, tap on Video Lockscreen and even if options are limited at the time of writing this guide, I am sure that Samsung will come up with something and add more video wallpapers in the near future.

Now, the video wallpaper that you’ve selected will be played automatically when your device is in lock screen mode.

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