How to Add Custom Themes to Always On Display on Galaxy Note 8

You know that even when your Galaxy Note 8 display is “off,” it isn’t really off. The truth is that the Always On Display triggers right away and even in such conditions it continues to reveal essential at a glance so you don’t always have to turn on the whole display just to check the time or see if you have any new notifications from friends. Do you want to customize things a bit, even if the handset that you own is already amazing?

XDA Senior Member Mr.Ash.Man might help you with that. To be more precise, one of his new mods allows users to add custom backgrounds to the always on display, something Samsung doesn’t seem to like too much. There is though no surprise in that.

Such an Always on display isn’t meant to have any sort of bright and fancy backgrounds. Using such images to always be shown on the display could cause some serious burn-in and drain the juice out of your battery in a blink of an eye. The developer has created some special mods with only two backgrounds but skilled users will be able to use any background they want.

And keep in mind the fact that none of these mods need your device to be rooted nor do they need any special privileges. You must though enable Unknown sources in Settings > Lock screen & security.

How to Add Custom Themes to Always On Display on Galaxy Note 8:

  1. First of all, you have to download the APK for the mod you want to install
    Edge Glow AOD.apk
    No battery.apk
    Spiderman Font
    Pokemon Font
    Pac-Man Font
  2. Then, don’t hesitate to install it;
  3. After that, reboot your device;
  4. Find your way into Settings > Lock screen & security > Always On Display;
  5. You may also choose to simply pull down the quick settings and long press on the Always On Display icon.

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