Stop OxygenOS from Sending Analytics Data to OnePlus

Your OnePlus phones may be invading your privacy by sending revealing data back to Chinese servers, and I bet that you are worried about what is happening too. Oneplus admits to collecting your data and this is mostly done through the OxygenOS User Experience program, so you should better do something to stop OxygenOS from sending analytics data to OnePlus. Even if you disable it, still remains some data being sent back to the company.

The good part is that we at least know which application package is responsible for this stuff and while it’s not as easy to uninstall as other applications are, we can get rid of it with a simple ADB command from our computer.

What OnePlus servers really do? Well, rumor has it they would periodically collect data about our phones, including the IMEI and IMSI (the handset and SIM card unique identifiers, respectively), the phone number, MAC addresses, mobile network names and wireless network names. These are all potential security and privacy risks, but they’re also the kind of thing that phone makers regularly collect in case they need to remotely troubleshoot problems with a handset.

With a simple ADB command, we can stop OnePlus from collecting a significant user analytics data from your device, even without root access, so you have no excuse for not following the given steps.

Stop OxygenOS from Sending Analytics Data to OnePlus:

  1. Type the following into the Command Prompt: adb devices in order to start the ADB service;
  2. Then launch an ADB shell with the following command: adb shell;
  3. In the end, just execute the following command to uninstall the app from the current user’s profile: pm uninstall -k –user 0 net.oneplus.odm.

Besides that, company co-founder Carl Pei promised changes to how OnePlus devices collect data, and offered a solution. After stating that OxygenOS devices collect two kinds of data (usage analytics and device information), Pei re-iterated the advice that a OnePlus rep originally told us: that users can stop sending usage data by opening the Settings app, tapping Advanced, tapping Join user experience program and changing the setting there.

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