Grab Google Camera 5.0 with HDR+ on your Exynos Galaxy S8

Up to this point, owners of the Snapdragon version of the Samsung Galaxy S8 smartphone could install and use the unofficial Google Camera HDR+ port to benefit from its image processing, but the story wasn’t the same for the Exynos models. This changes now since the unofficial Google Camera HDR+ port is now working on the Exynos variants of the Galaxy S8 handset too, even though it may not be fully optimized.

Being able to use HDR+ should mean that you have the chance to enjoy photos with better dynamic range, not to mention that you can get more color detail and to work better in low light conditions. After all, HDR+ is a set of computational photography techniques used by Google on its Pixel smartphones.

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Despite of the fact that Google has opted to keep HDR+ exclusive to Nexus and Pixel devices, it seems that the developer community ported the app to most Snapdragon 820 and Snapdragon 835 phones, subsequently adding Xiaomi device compatibility to the list.

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This Google Camera port won’t probably replace your stock Samsung Camera as long as it doesn’t seem to be fully optimized, but trying out and experimenting never hurts, you know. If you also agree with me, then don’t hesitate to use the download link.

Download Google Camera 5.0.009.apk

You can also download the APK from above and install it normally. You may have to enable Unknown sources under Settings > Lockscreen and Security if you haven’t done that already in order to be able to use the Google Camera 5.0 with HDR+ apk.

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